Dive Cozumel

Cozumel is rated as one of the top five dive sites in the entire world. It is to be enjoyed as the great natural treasure that it is. With our 33 years of experience here in Cozumel at your service, you will maximize your safe diving and be able to  enjoy more fully the fantastic experience of being on the magnificent coral reefs, out in the crystal waters of the Caribbean Sea, from the luxury of our 46’ boat, Swordfish, rigged for comfort and space, for divers by divers. Non-diving family and friends are welcome aboard.

Any professional or recreational SCUBA diver knows, Cozumel is surrounded by one of the most fantastic coral reef formations in the world. This immensely important ecological treasure is made up of countless trillions of miracle combinations of flora and fauna. The coral reefs support a quarter of the ocean’s sea life, and are irreplaceable if lost. This living organism arranges itself in limitless forms we describe as caves, tunnels, pinnacles of brilliant color, and are placed on the dramatic walls of coral which drop into the abyss 3000’ below the surface. In this natural water wonder live the huge numbers of exotic plants and animals allowing us this time to be truly one with Nature. (Please look at our Gallery. Many photos are by Sergio Sandoval Sr., a noted world class macro-photographer.)

Through the collective realization of the beauty and importance of the coral reef systems to the health of the open ocean, an awareness of the fragility of it’s delicately balanced, living environment, and an appreciation for the social and economic value, the Mexican Federal government joined Cozumel’s forward-thinking efforts in establishing the Parque National, Arrecifes de Cozmel (Cozumel’s National Marine Park). Aquatic Sports and Expeditions support the rules and enhance the mission of the Marine Park. (See About Us and News).

The first diving focus is on our safety. We have an unblemished record after more than 30 years and tens of thousands of dives, thanks to our constant training. We are prepared for any level of diving and maintain the strictest adherence to certification levels. For those interested in becoming a diver, we have a schedule of training which would easily produce a certified diver within the space of a five-day visit to Cozumel or allow one-on-one diving with an instructor after a half-day Discover Scuba Course certification.

We welcome the expert and professional diver for several reasons. We get to dive Maracaibo and Barracuda Reefs, have our deep dives last for more than one hour, and see leadership by example.

Thank you for visiting our web site. Now come to Cozumel, dive with Aquatic Sports and Expeditions, and discover how we "do more than breathe underwater.”