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Aquatic Sports & Expeditions is a member of the Coral Reef Alliance and Swim For The Reef, Inc. We are also partners with Mexico’s National Marine Park in facilitating and teaching formal courses and required programs for local dive masters, captains, and crew which are a part of an overall effort to help the local and international dive communities value and protect the reefs.

With our partner, Paul Ellis and Swim For The reef, Inc. we are now aligned with The University of Quintana Roo, the Mexican state in which Cozumel resides, to provide logistical support and ocean expertise for the international students involved in the UQROO/Swim For The Reef study abroad program and the accompanying visiting scholars.

We visit the reefs almost every day and have been trained in knowing coral reef species and the many varieties of fish and plant life they support. As a part of Reef Check we regularly give information to the National Marine Park about the fish populations and coral growth. We are absolutely committed to diving practices which sustain the beauty of the reefs for future divers, and in furthering our knowledge as to their growth and development.

We encourage everyone to “Do more than breathe underwater.” If you want to learn more about involvement in supporting the reefs, we can help. We learn much from our fellow divers. If you have information to share with us, please follow the links so we can communicate with you. Cozumel is a beautiful destination, with all the allure and romance associated with tropical islands. It is very safe for travelers, and it is the biggest bargain in the Caribbean. Write us for hotel packages. Good, healthy, restaurants abound. From gourmet meals in which any city would take pride, to small cocina economicas and taquerias, hidden from most tourists view, we know them all. Let us know your budget and we can help plan your stay to help you get the most from your vacation.

Cozumel is host to one of the world’s premier fishing tournaments. For two days in May, hundreds of boats search for the big Dorado, Wahoo, and Tuna. Let us know if fishing is a passion. We use the best of modern catch and release methods for the game fish and for the fish we all like to eat, we will help you with that as well.

As any Cozumelian will tell you, it’s always time for a party, and February is the special month. Our Mardi Gras is called Carnaval and it is the best Caribbean fiesta of all. Filled with native passion, intricate costumes, and music which will make you dance in the street, Carnaval represents the best in local creativity, colors, and sounds. The party lasts a month and the climactic parades are on the three nights before Lent.